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Never settle for anything less than the best. If you get the job done well with the best quality materials, you can have a solid, low maintenance, energy-saving basement that will last for years and years.

Is a basement even worth the cost?

When constructing a new building, it is natural to consider the benefits of pouring a basement. Actually, a basement is very inexpensive—a mere fraction of the cost per square foot compared with the rest of your house. A basement is undoubtedly worth pouring.

There are distinct benefits of having poured walls in your basement rather than block-laid walls.

  1. Poured wall construction is virtually maintenance free. Poured walls have a compressive and flexural strength several times that of block, and far beyond the required safety factor. The increased strength & density of concrete makes a poured wall very water tight, dramatically reducing basement water problems.
  2. The energy-saving benefits of a basement are great. Concrete absorbs and holds heat. A poured wall contains a much greater mass of concrete than does a block wall; therefore, a poured wall will absorb and hold much more heat. When used with an insulation system, concrete walls can save significantly on heating and cooling costs.

Also, in every “Weiler Wall” we use control joints with waterstop gaskets to control and minimize cracks.

Don't cut corners on the accessories

The accessories you choose with your basement, such as doors, windows, drains, and waterproofing are also an important factor in creating a superior product. Weiler Walls uses a wide range of products that have proven to be dependable, such as: Form-a-drain, Platon Waterproofing Membrane, T-Roc Foundation Insulation System, Monarch windows, doors, and window wells, and Bilco doors.

Service Areas

We gladly provide residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural poured concrete wall services in, but not limited to, the following areas in central Pennsylvania:

  • Lancaster County, PA
  • Lebanon County, PA
  • Berks County, PA
  • York County, PA
  • Chester County, PA
  • Montgomery County, PA

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